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I can give you a FREE TICKET to the Do Good and Make Money Summit since I’m on the panel on Day 4, on 4 February. While not about cybersecurity, it does apply to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. I will be presenting on Day 4 on the Systems panel. Here’s more about it.

The new norm in business is to
do good and make money at the same time

I’m excited to introduce you to 88+ leadership experts from around the world at a one of a kind summit where we will answer the question: how can I do good and make money at the same time?

Be my personal guest at
The Do Good and Make Money Super Summit 2021

If you want more impact, influence and income and you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur or non-profit leader that wants insight, inspiration and actionable ideas, join 88+ experts and world class entrepreneurs as they reveal how to have just that.

This Super Summit is hosted by Julia Felton and Tom Matzen

And they’ve invited me to share some of my wisdom as well, I’m honoured.

The eight day event begins February 1st, and it is FREE!

Learn practical, inspiring and actionable ways to do good while doing business and being profitable.

These speakers have earned tens of millions of dollars and have created stunning businesses and fostered movements. Some have created tribes in excess of one million members in less than three years. Raised hundreds of thousands for good causes. Built dozens and dozens of businesses.

You are going to love the wisdom and perspective they’ll share.

In fact we added up what you’d pay for an hour with each, and it’s more than $56,500. Instead they’re donating their time to help entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders have more impact, influence and income

Being a great leader and doing meaningful work can feel as elusive as cracking a secret code.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Claim your set now:
The Do Good and Make Money Super Summit 2021

What makes this summit a Super Summit?

Great question. Three big differences from a typical summit.

First big difference is that we have four separate Tracks or paths to follow. These are based on where you and your business or nonprofit is right now:

  • Starting Your Venture;
  • Your First $100,000;
  • Your First Million; or
  • Scaling to Eight Figures.

Second big difference, these speakers span eight different pillars of entrepreneurial life:

  • Day One: Power of Purpose
  • Day Two: Lead Generation
  • Day Three: Lead Conversion
  • Day Four Systems
  • Day Five: Money Mastery
  • Day Six: Leadership & Strategy
  • Day Seven: Abundant Life
  • Day Eight: Right People, Spectacular Results

Eight days, one topic each day. This means you can easily invest time on the days that matter most to you now.

And the third big difference is our street-tested speakers and panelists all align with our mission and belief that you can do good and make money at the same time. It’s not just about making money. And it’s not just about doing good. Both at the same time!

I’ll be Presenting as a Panelist about Systems on Day 4, so be sure to join me.

Best part is: attending is absolutely free.

Sure, that’s a lot of content to absorb, so you’ll have an opportunity, if you want, to gain complimentary access to the recordings through referring others to join this awesome event. But even that’s where Julia and Tom have broken the model.

They have decided to dedicate 100% of the net proceeds of this Summit to two of their nonprofits, the Impact Igniters Foundation and the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute.

But of course, there’s no need to upgrade your access or donate any money at all.

You will have to register for the Do Good and Make Money Super Summit.

You can do that here:
The Do Good and Make Money Super Summit 2021

If you’ve been waiting for someone to finally stop pretending to educate entrepreneurs and really help, the time has come. Make sure you participate in this Super Summit. It runs live Feb 1-8 and you’ll get some amazing bonus content when you enroll now.

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